2022 November 1 Some days things just happen

Nov 01, 2022

Hi, Jim Cranston from 7EveryMinute and 7EveryMinute.com, the podcast and website by, for, and about Baby Boomers. Thanks for joining me tonight for explaining why sometimes things just happen. So let's get started.


First off, Happy All Saints Day, which is really what Halloween is a precursor for. Today is the day that Halloween is the antithesis of. So I hope you remember to think about all the saints in your life, religious or otherwise, just people who had a good positive influence on you, living and past, and thank them for their influence and guidance. 


So this week was different than I had expected. I thought I was going to be traveling for a show for the podcast, and that I'd be leaving tomorrow, and I had to cancel that. It turns out I had a covid exposure, and so I'm certainly limiting who I see and doing masking most of the time, and so I didn't think it would be really fair to go take a plane flight and all that stuff and then go to a conference with a whole bunch of people who then go back and spread everything all around. 


That was a big change in my life. Then work today, being work, ran for nearly 10 hours. That was completely unexpected, and I have church starting actually about five minutes ago and is 20 minutes away.


Sometimes things don't go as you expect, and it just seems everything comes together, and you just have to have faith in yourself and give yourself some grace and patience when things don't go as planned. We've talked about this before, and it's really easy to get all wrapped up. I was going to try and do a whole big broadcast, and I thought, the reality is that a lot of things went wrong this week, and that's okay.


Life doesn't always go quite like we would like. That's actually really the thing I was going to talk about today. A reminder that we do have some new Daily Minutes coming, and if you haven't seen those, please follow me on Twitter or TikTok or Facebook, and then we can chat a few times. We talk a little more about some of these things, about being kind to yourself and just looking at life in general and going with the flow sometimes.


We always want things to go as we plan. Sometimes things don’t. It doesn't mean things are bad, just different than we expected. So this is a really quick check in to say I had some interesting thoughts for tonight, but I didn't want to just throw something together only to make an appearance. I thought that you deserve at least a sincere apology, which I do apologize for not having more this evening, but an explanation for the brief appearance.


I wish you all a fantastic week. Please remember the people in Ukraine, UKR7.com if you want to make any donations. That's it for the week. Remember, one of the best ways to care for yourself is to care for others. Thank you for stopping by. If you found something interesting or useful, please pass it along. Please hit that like button. If not, please drop me a comment as to what you would like to hear. Have a great week. Remember to live the life that you dreamed of because that's the path to true contentment. Love and encouragement to everyone, and see you next week on 7EveryMinute and 7EveryMinute.com. Thank you.

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